Fashion - Manifest Live Photoshoot - Daniel Livingstone Photography
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Fashion – Manifest Live Photoshoot

To close the end of every graduating year, Columbia College Chicago hosts a school-wide celebration of its students and their work in the South Loop neighborhood of the city called “Manifest.” Families, friends, and the general public all come together to appreciate everything the graduating class has worked on over their final year at the institution. A wide range of media is put on display ranging from visual arts to performance arts to media arts and everything in between.

A few months before the big day, a group of students from my department and I came together to help propose ideas for what 2019 Manifest should be for photographers. We pitched two main concepts to go along with our annual gallery exhibition. The first was a photo-booth for attendees to enjoy and take a copy home with them. The second was my proposal: a live fashion photoshoot demonstration led by students from the Fashion Photography II class for attendees to observe and get an understanding of how a real-world fashion photoshoot operates from start to finish.

We built a small studio setup and reached out to a local agency for a professional model make this a legitimate experience. The shoot took place over the course of 2 hours, start to finish, and waves of guests kept making rounds to witness an exclusive behind the scenes look at a proper fashion photoshoot in a professional setting.


Photographer: Daniel Livingstone

Model: Christine Vi

Stylist: Olivia Leonardi

Set Designer: Lisa Korpan

Assistants: Rachel May, Lisa Korpan, Olivia Leonardi, & Tony Esparza

Agency: Select Model Management