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The Importance of Professional Visuals To Any Business

The Importance of Professional Visuals To Any Business

Whether you’re a business owner, consumer, or content creator, visual media affects your choices numerous times every single day. With the rise of personal websites, social media, and our ever-expanding avenues of advertising, visual content is at its highest demand in human history. Most businesses know that they need photos or videos for their brand or business but don’t always know exactly why. There are a ton of reasons to take your visual content to the next level, but the following are just a few major points as to why you should do so. If you are a content creator yourself, then let this serve as a light-pitch to pass on to your potential clients in the future.


Demonstrate The Quality Of Your Business


People’s perception of a brand or business is very centered around their senses. Among all the senses, sight and sound are the fastest, most accessible ways to connect your audience to your brand. This is why visual content pieces are so common in advertising. When your brand is captured most professionally, it can give your audience the best sense of what you want your brand to be. After all, if you want to advertise how good the quality of your product or service is, the visual content needs to reflect that in the most literal sense.


Control Your Brand Image By Hiring A Professional


 Award-winning designer Marty Neumeier says that a brand is not a logo, or a product, or a promise, or the sum of impressions you make on an audience. A brand is a customer’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company. By that token, your brand image is not a singular, specific thing but instead, it is thousands and thousands of ideas and perceptions floating around in the marketplace. The goal of every business is to align these thousands of ideas into a condensed and concrete place. This concept is called brand image or brand control. There’s a reason that you only associate The Golden Arches with food or when you see a swoosh symbol you immediately start thinking about shoes. These companies have engrained their products and services into visual imagery to align the consumers’ gut feeling to go in an intended direction.

The most important question you need to ask yourself when running a business is, “What is my brand?” Then, you need to break this complex concept into smaller, simpler ideas. “What values does my business believe in?” “What do I provide to the consumer?” and most importantly, “How do I want my audience to feel?” That feeling the consumers have is the core of your brand, and professional imagery is the fastest way to direct that. By hiring a professional content creator, you are utilizing their visual skills to hone-in on your brand’s target idea without having to worry about execution, leaving you to focus on molding that message, value, or concept.


Bad Imagery Hurts More Than Good Imagery Helps

A consumer’s entire purpose is to make constant judgments and quick decisions based on feeling over a product or service. While it may be difficult to stand out in a competitive crowd of high-level visual content, low-quality visual content will be very quick to drive away business in a heartbeat. Consumers are more prone to notice when things look wrong before they notice what’s right and it leaves the strongest memories when it comes to purchases. A bad photo representing your business will drive away more customers than a good one will bring in. This ultimately means that you can’t afford to leave your imagery in the hands of somebody that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Many businesses attempt to take it upon themselves to create their visual content but unless they have a clear sense of what they’re going for and the means to do so, they run the risk of hurting their business overall. If you want to know that your visual content is being handled correctly, it is in your best interest to hire a professional.

If you have any questions about developing visual content for your business, please feel free to reach out via my contact page at any time to discuss pricing, projects, and more.

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