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A portfolio of work from editorial, look book, and agency test shoots.

A gallery of events including experiential promotions, celebrations, and more.


A series of personal projects that are not commissioned or client-based.


A series of motion projects that have been directed, shot, or edited.

What’s New?

The CreateCommune Editing Workshop

Hosted By: Daniel Livingstone

A creative workshop hosted by Create Commune and Daniel Livingstone. All tickets will grant entry to the 360 Chicago space and editing workshop.

The event is broken up into two, hour-long sessions. The first will allow attendees to meet, network, and photograph.

The second session will be a live-editing session from Daniel Livingstone featuring photos taken by attendees during the first session. There will be a 15 minute period where attendees can drop off their memory cards to Daniel who will select photos to be edited. During this session, Daniel will be breaking down his editing process, giving insight into what it’s like to be a professional editor in the industry, and explaining how Adobe Lightroom works as a tool to give creators more power over their process.

It is encouraged that attendees have Adobe Lightroom mobile downloaded on their phones or Adobe Lightroom Classic on a laptop to follow along during the demonstration.

Grab your ticket HERE!

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