About Daniel Livingstone

I’m Daniel Livingstone, a live subject photographer that specializes in subjects that range from portraits, fashion, events, weddings, and headshots. I’m from Chicago, IL where I was raised on the south-side and have since then moved all over the city. A lot of my influence comes from the individuals that I meet through my journey as a photographer whether it be my subjects, clients, or teams. Being around so many personalities throughout the years has allowed me to grow so much as an artist and a person and that is what keeps me motived to make visually compelling work that brings people together.

 My primary strengths lie in my abilities with lighting and retouching. Prior to taking on photography, I worked solely as an editor using Photoshop to post-process and manipulate photographs from other photographers or stock images from the internet. After becoming acclimated to my own post-processing workflow, I bought my first camera and have been taking my own photographs ever since. Since then, I’ve worked with clients including: The Chicago Bulls, WeWork, Airbnb, and a number of other companies to provide professional imagery for both internal and external usage.

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